Making Your Calls

Calls can be made from an STD number in your area, giving you a sales number your customers can identify with.

Outgoing calls' outcomes are all documented, enabling you to keep track on lead development and build a clear picture of your target market.


Receiving Your Calls

We can field incoming calls in your company's name at what ever time they might arrive, by appearing just like the sales arm of your business!

Brief us once about your products and services and we will give professional and appropriate response to your customers.


Marketing Database

We're sticklers for record keeping the outcome of calls we make and take, so you will get useful notes of everything we do for you.

Your lead database can be 'cleaned' to provide you with up-to-date, relevant and professionally presented data to work with.


Flexible Working

Need calls made just one day a week? That's fine. We're pretty adaptable and can often fit in half-days for you too.

Not sure how to proceed? No problem. Phone and we'll provide no-nonsense advice about how best to achieve the results you need.

Tele-Type - Your telemarketing support business

Tele-Type is a personalised business telemarketing and secretarial support bureau for sole traders and other small-sized British companies.

We can also offer tailored help to foreign companies and organisations wishing to inexpensively establish a presence for themselves here in the UK.

We work with our clientele by providing bespoke secretarial services tailored to their exact requirements and furnish telemarketing, teleprospecting & teleresearch services which no faceless, impersonal call centre could ever hope to match.

All correspondence to

Tele Type
PO Box 711

S43 9DP

0114 - 299 4911
box.711 @ tele-type.co.uk

Legacy expertise in Telemagic & DOS

Our Services

  • Telemarketing
  • Teleprospecting
  • Teleresearch
  • Telephone mystery shopping
  • Database procurement
  • Database cleaning
  • Fielding enquiries
  • Other general secretarial services

Get in touch - call us on 0114 - 299  4911 NOW !

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